My wife and I utilized Kahlon Immigration Law beginning in February 2021. We had a short courtship of only less than 3 months before we decided to get married in January 2021. My wife was here under a visitor visa in Canada that had recently been turned down for renewal multiple times during the height of Covid19. Our case was difficult and complex but, with the help of Ms. Kahlon and her team from Kahlon Immigration Law we decided to get the process started. We started with the typical paperwork and at times it was frustrating because we had to add a lot of details to prove that our relationship was legitimate with such a short courtship. However, in the end, Kahlon Immigration Law did an excellent job with a concise Permanent Residency Application. Ms. Kahlon even offered to review and submit an argument to Immigration Canada for a re-review of my wife’s status in Canada as a Visitor. We were not expecting any fast decisions as each time we looked at the processing times they were over a year away. For example when we looked in September 2021 after we submitted our final PR the Government was still working on June 2020 applications. We were not expecting any decision until Sept 2023. Surprisingly, with the impressive research, legal arguments and paperwork submitted by Kahlon Immigration Law, my wife was approved for her Permanent Residency status after only 5.5 months. We received a decision in late February 2023. I strongly recommend Ms. Kahlon and her team for all your PR and Visitor restoration statuses or Immigration concerns. Having someone who knows what they are doing, knows the law and is on your side is highly recommended. Thank You Kahlon Immigration Law.