Kahlon Immigration Law helped me obtain my Canadian citizenship! I was unable to get my citizenship myself despite both parents being Canadian citizens their entire lives but living in the US for 40 years. I reached out to Naseeb in November 2020 just to see if it made sense to pursue. She was knowledgeable and helpful and explained the cost and what I would need to do in order to be approved. I spent the next few months obtaining all of the paperwork needed from Ontario and Quebec. I submitted my packet on March 29th and Naseeb’s team did what they needed to do and sent it off about a month later.

Before COVID, it sounds like the process took about six months; during COVID it took about 17 months for mine to be processed (which is exactly what the Canada.gov website says it will take). All documents were in order thanks to Naseeb’s team.

I JUST heard a few weeks ago that I have been approved and am now a Canadian Citizen. THANK YOU NASEEB and your team!

Looking forward to working with you to get my husband permanent residency and a work permit once we are ready to relocate!