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Boutique Canadian Immigration Law Firm Assisting Clients Settle All Throughout Canada

Headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia we are a boutique law firm representing various types of Canadian immigration clients. Canada is one of the most sought after countries to live in where citizenship and business opportunities are encouraged. However Canadian immigration laws and procedures are highly complex and continuously changing. Thus we highly recommend that you do not try to navigate the murky waters of Canadian immigration law without expert assistance.

Our lawyers have been practicing for over a decade and take great pride in providing our clients with effective and efficient legal services. We work as a team to give our clients the best possible outcome within the Canadian immigration system. In many immigration cases you only get one real shot at immigrating to or remaining in Canada. As such it is crucial that you have a competent, experienced lawyer assisting you every step of the way to get it right the first time as you may not get a second chance. Let us help you to determine the best and fastest way of becoming a temporary or permanent resident in Canada, according to your individual needs and circumstances. We customize our services to meet the particular needs of each client, whether those needs include the preparation of immigration assessments or applications and beyond. Our lawyers can help you to maximize your chances of having your application succeed the first time.

Whatever your immigration goals, we can help you to achieve them in minimum time and trouble by ensuring that your application is prepared completely and correctly the first time. Don’t waste time and money trying to figure out the complexities of North America’s immigration systems without our lawyers’ expertise. Securing our assistance from the beginning can ensure that you have the best possible outcome within the Canadian immigration system. We enjoy the opportunity to work with people from diverse cultures as we know that a decision to immigrate to Canada is an important one in our clients’ lives. As a result we make it a priority to ensure that our clients are at ease throughout the immigration process.

Contact us today to proceed with your immigration application with confidence, knowing that you have qualified professionals looking out for your interests.

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Immigration Practice Areas

Permanent Resident Applications

We work on various types of permanent resident applications.
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Provincial Nominee Programs

Each Canadian province has a provincial nominee program which may support a foreign national for a work permit and nominate them for permanent residency in Canada.
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Family Sponsorships

Sponsorships for spouses, children, parents and grandparents.
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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

This is currently Canada’s only passive investment immigration program as the federal investment program is closed.
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Intra-Company Transfers

Allows a foreign national to obtain a work permit by setting up a Canadian branch office for their company.
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Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs)

For both foreign entrepreneurs (owner/operators) and foreign workers (including the Global Talent Stream program)
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Start-Up Visa Program

For immigrant entrepreneurs
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Refused Applications, Procedural Fairness Letters, & Reconsideration

If you are a self employed person you may be eligible for permanent residency in Canada through this program.
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Visitor Permit

Depending on what country you are from you may need an ETA or a Visitor Permit to visit Canada.
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Work Permit

There are various work permit Programs in Canada. Depending on your education and work experience, you may be eligible for a work permit.
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Study Permit

Once you obtain admission to a Canadian school, you may be eligible for a study permit.
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Private Refugee Sponsorships

Canada is the first country in the world to allow Canadian residents to sponsor refugees.
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Additional Services

Consultations Regarding Travel Mandates

Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, learn how to navigate our everchanging travel mandates. We offer this service to Canadians, Permanent Residents and Foreign Nationals. Know your rights and feel
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Coaching & Consulting Services

Kahlon Immigration Law offers coaching and consulting services to immigration professionals and immigration-related businesses. These services are great for new immigration practitioners and/or immigration businesses wanting to improve their compliance,
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Virtual Legal Services

Usually when you need to speak with a lawyers, you would make an appointment and come to their office. However, as our clients are from all around the world and do not require in office appointments we offer virtual legal services. As our lawyers practice law virtually you can speak with them by phone, email, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom or a combination of the above. This means that we are not limited by the standard work day and can book appointments at various times during the day when you have time to chat. Timing will also be dependent on the lawyer’s schedule. You can book your consultation with us by calling us, emailing us or completing the contact form on our website. We do require a bit of paperwork before any consultation but once that’s done, your call, email, or Microsoft Teams session can happen quite quickly.

Once you’ve contacted us to book a consultation, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to setup a meeting.  Before we can speak with you, we are required by Law Society Rules to open a file for you, which requires that we collect some information from you including copies of 2 pieces of your identification.  Depending on your matter, we may also have to conduct a conflict check through our own records, to ensure we are able to serve you. Once we receive the required information from you, we’re ready to meet you for your consultation and get starting working on your immigration matter.